Amtrak Improves Operations and Customer Service with the iPhone

Posted on May 7, 2012


When you think of Amtrak, you don’t always think of a leading edge company, but according to an article in the New York Times, you might well be wrong.

[quote cite=””]Amtrak joins a growing number of businesses that are using mobile devices to improve operations.[/quote] [quote cite=””]The old manual ticketing process — punching a hole in the ticket, putting it in a pouch and then sending it to a central location, where it is eventually scanned and entered into a database — was not very good at tracking passengers on board because of the delay between when the ticket was checked and when it was processed.[/quote] [quote cite=””]With the new iPhone-powered system, conductors can monitor passenger check-ins in real time. That will help them manage seating: if there are passengers who don’t show up, for example, it will be easier to fill empty seats with other passengers.[/quote]

It’s great to see Amtrak improving itself with mobile technology, and it shows just how beneficial these new devices can be across companies. Mobile applications are often though of as a marketing or customer service play, but their potential as operations enhancers is absolutely huge.

There is a combination of the power of the device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, with the wireless capabilities offered by modern telecommunications networks. Added to this is the relative ease of creating applications offered by modern platforms and the availability of third party solutions.

All companies should be looking at their operations and determining how a mobile solution can help them be better at what they do.