Accelerating Enterprise Productivity with Mobile Applications

Posted on July 9, 2012

Every company is always looking for the next big way to gain a lead over their competitors. Yet running a business today is often like fighting at the trenches. A lot of small innovations are going to move the front line forward and earn market share for a business.

Improving productivity through the automation of business processes is one such way that enterprises can increase their competitiveness. Both the smartphone and the tablet provide many different ways in which productivity can be increased.

For businesses today, there is a need to consider the impact that these new devices can have on business processes. If a particular company decides to ignore it, their competitors won’t.

Here in Québec, many enterprises choose to be slow to embrace new technologies, including those around the iPhone and iPad. This is dangerous for them, particularly those that want to compete, or must compete, in the international area. Their competitors from across the world and particularly within North America are already determining what their mobile strategy is and how they can execute upon it.

Even if companies feel that it is not the moment to them to invest, or they feel that the new technology is overwhelming, it makes sense for them to plan ahead. It is really important to develop an understanding of how mobile can aid them in their particular business sector. Having this planned out will already help a company be more nimble and ready to act when the need arises.

Mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone will make a great impact across the enterprise, from the sales process, to manufacturing, logistics, financial operations, IT operations and customer service. That’s without taking into account how mobile applications can increase the depth of product lines and meet the expectations of customers.

Moreover, as more managers in companies are using their iPad, taking it with them from meeting to meeting, it’s really important to take space on the device. If a manager wants to check the status of their operations that use your product, you need to be there for them. This will help that manager like your product and take the decision to both retain it and / or buy more services. Hence an investment in mobile can serious help to drive further sales across the business.

If your company hasn’t yet determined what its mobile strategy should be, now is time to do so! Québec and Montréal based companies cannot hope to remain world-class without investing in world-class mobile solutions.