Accelerate Your Mobile Development

Posted on May 8, 2012

Montreal is a city with many tech companies, of which many are completely capable of deploying resources to build mobile applications. Some, however, are also seeing a lot of value in outside expertise.

For many tech companies, mobile will become a core technology and offering for them. As mobile devices become increasingly popular, companies will have to maintain a larger presence on the most popular devices, meaning that their products will have to be created for the different platforms.

Nevertheless, there are several advantages to looking for outside expertise when building a mobile application:

Design Expertise: designing a mobile application is rather different than designing for touch, given the different mobile interface and the constraints of small screen sizes. There is also the question of designing to the different conventions of different platforms. Many companies do not have this expertise in house.

Get Started Faster: it can be hard beginning a mobile project. It can take a lot of time to decide what you need, create the design and then either try to hire or train developers. During this time, you can be losing opportunities to build your business and market share.

Finding Developers is Hard: even in a city such as Montreal with its big universities, finding mobile developers is hard. Technologies such as iOS and Android are not very old, so there is not a large community of experienced developers you can attract. It can take a long time to find the right people.

Training Developers is not Easy: developers learn more quickly in an environment with other developers. Hence an outsourced dev team can bring on new specialized developers and train them quicker due to a core specialization in mobile technologies.

Increase Efficiency: a specialized outsourced mobile team can provide a high quality application quicker than an inexperienced programmer. Hence the total cost of the project can be less when outsourced than when performed internally.

The key thing to recall is that your mobile business opportunities should come first, and companies should not be preoccupied with building teams so much as seizing those opportunities. Hence if an outsourced partner can help you get where you want to be quicker, then that opportunity should be seized.