10 Awesome Things to do with iPad’s Retina Display

Posted on March 13, 2012

The latest generation of iPad was announced last week with a class leading Retina Display. Anyone who has compared the screen of their iPhone 4 with that of the iPad 2 with a standard display will know that the iPad’s screen is not as sharp and clear. So how will the Retina Display improve the iPad experience?

1. Improved Technical Drawings
Apple has already highlighted a use case of architects using an iPad to carry around technical drawings. The Retina Display will make those drawings much crisper, allow more of the drawing to be displayed on the screen and will make it much easier to annotate them.

2. Better Stylus Use
Of course Apple dislikes styluses, but many people use them anyway. With a higher resolution screen, stylus accuracy should improve and the experience will be increasingly like using paper.

3. Photography
Viewing images in higher definition can only be a good thing. Images will look stunning on iPad 3, so any need to review images and artwork will be much more effective on the new device. Also, with iPhoto on the iPad, Apple has shown that the iPad is a great device to manipulate and improve images.

4. Coffee Table Content
One area of the printing industry that has yet to make it on to ebooks is what I’d call “coffee table content.” For example, those books with wonderful images of far away places. With the new Retina Display, those images will look great on the iPad and that could bring more “coffee table content” into the realm of a tablet.

5. Artwork
There are an increasing number of art applications for the iPad, and artists using the iPad as part of their creative process. The new display will allow a level of accuracy that has not previously been achievable, hence it is totally imaginable that the new iPad will make that process more effective for an increasing number of artists.

6. Reading
With the sharper display, it will be even more comfortable to read books and webpages on the iPad. For most users, this will be the biggest advantage to the new iPad’s feature set.

7. Interactive ebooks
Interactive ebooks for the iPad should also be clearer, sharper and provide a better experience for their readers. The images and videos contained within can be presented to a higher definition allowing for a much richer experience.

8. Augmented Reality
The sharper screen, combined with the sharper higher resolution cameras on the iPad can allow more engaging augmented reality experiences.

9. Gaming
Gaming today, above and beyond gameplay, is all about graphics. Hence the better screen resolution will allow for more mind-blowing graphics and games. I believe that iOS devices will become the primary games playing devices for most gamers in a short time-frame.

10. Medical Images
The iPad and iPhone have already been touted as breakthrough devices for medical professionals. Apple’s offerings are already the number one choice amongst US healthcare professionals. The Retina Display will make reviewing medical images such as MRI scans or x-rays so much more effective.

What will you be able to do better with the new Retina Display iPad?