Application and Solution Design Philosophy

Standard Digital Possibilities Methodology

Digital Possibilities applies a standardized process to the design and development of mobile applications, featuring best practices from across the industry. Depending upon the scope of each project, we can also tailor our process to be as effective as possible for each client.

Steps within the process are generally split into two “phases”, the first concerning the scope of the project and design of the application and the second actually building and deploying it. Digital Possibilities can provide the first phase as a stand alone service if deemed appropriate by the client.


Phase One – Design

The overall objective of this phase is to fully understand the business goals of the client’s mobile project in order that the most appropriate application can be created. It’s important to fully understand this so that the project will meet the client’s success criteria.


Phase Two – Build

During the phase, the actual application will be built to specification and fully tested before being passed to the client. Certain activities may be repeated several times if a multiple delivery schedule is planned.

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Marketing Services

To support the creation of an effective mobile application strategy, Digital Possibilities also offers targeted mobile marketing services. These apply at the start and beginning of a project; and can provide additional support to ensure the highest value is achieved from a mobile investment.


Commercial Market Analysis

With Digital Possibilities’ commercial marketing services, we will work with a client to define a commercial model for an application before it is designed. This has the benefit of ensuring that investments in a particular solution will provide value for the business before those investments are made. Moreover, having a clear understanding of what the application should achieve will ensure it can be best designed to meet those needs.


Launch Marketing Planning

Once an application has been developed, you want to increase the chances that it will be successfully received by the target market. Digital Possibilities can provide marketing strategies for clients to increase the chances that the application will be well received and people will be informed of its availability. Our strategies change by sector, but generally rely more on new social media to drive awareness.

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